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Get On The Insiders'|VIP Condo list

I, Andrei Lipatov, focus all my efforts on bringing you first access to all the new developments in and around Toronto. I strive to give my clients the best units at the best prices because it is that type of service that helps me grow the repeat and referral business that I have established.

During this VIP sales event, developers offer incentives to the clients working with the VIP agents. Every incentive is different but prices will generally go up $10,000-$40,000 before it is released to the public. That being said, anyone can work with an agent and get these discounts right? The answer is NO. Developers build relationships with the agents that bring them the most business and they reward them by giving them access to the best suites & the best discount. Many condos are sold before they ever get released to the public.


VIP Sales can be held numerous times before a project is released to the public. Don’t miss out, get insider access to all the newest condos. Condo Dream Team focuses solely on providing you access to the First VIP Event. There are over 45,000 real estate agents in Ontario, but only a couple hundred of them are True VIP Agents, are you working with one of them?

Fill out the “GET ON THE INSIDERS’|VIP CONDO LIST” form to stay informed on the newest Pre-construction VIP condominiums offers

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